Keeping a Promise

National Pinky Swear Day helps families surviving childhood cancer.

In 2002, Steve and Becky Chepokas of Chanhassen helped their son Mitch, who was dying of cancer, give away his life savings—about $6,000—to other families in his hospital’s pediatric oncology unit. Mitch made his dad “pinky swear” that he’d continue helping children with cancer. Out of that promise came the Pinky Swear Foundation.

The Pinky Swear Foundation celebrates its second annual National Pinky Swear Day by symbolically honoring that original promise and donating about $6,000 to pediatric cancer patients. But the organization isn’t stopping there: “With 40,000 kids in cancer treatment each year, Pinky Swear is now busy expanding nationally to attain our goal of helping all families with children in cancer treatment by the year 2020” says Jenny Peters, Pinky Swear Foundation marketing director. Details at the website here.