October 2017 Southwest Metro Magazine

In the October issue a local author, naturalist and wildlife photographer shares his passion.

It’s a tradition that every Halloween Christine Neff Kojetin takes pictures of her two children, Alexandra and Andrew, in their costumes. She organizes a photo shoot prior to Halloween night in order to guarantee good weather, among other reasons.


When brandy pops into a conversation, the words that follow often include “sidecar” and “Grandma’s after-dinner drink.” With the craft cocktail scene booming at local watering holes, brandy is slowly making its way out of the wine cellar and into our glasses.


Imagine attending Fika, a traditional Swedish meal where friends and family take a coffee break to enjoy baked goods and each other's company. What are the appropriate manners? What are the words for please and thank you in Swedish?


One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but most wine makers hope consumers judge, at least partly, a bottle by its label. Deliberate attention is granted to details that create what goes into a bottle of wine—and what goes on it.


Stan Tekiela is ready to hit the road to Albert Lea. It’s a 100-plus-mile drive from his Victoria home, but he doesn’t mind. After all, his destination is a coveted hummingbird nest he wants to photograph.


At Wings of the North, visitors encounter quite a few planes that have a story to tell, but even more people with their own narratives to share.


This month, thoughts turn to ghosts and goblins. Ghostly decorations appear in neighborhood trees and school windows, but ghost towns are among us all year.


“Calling all women hunters,” Athena Annis says. “I want to work with you on creative and interesting projects.” Annis is working in the male-dominated field of taxidermy, and she knows there are women hunters and anglers out there who would be just as happy to meet her as she’d be to meet them.


Do you believe in the unbelievable? In Calabria, the latest work by Peter S. Beagle (the acclaimed author of The Last Unicorn), is a lovely novella set in the Calabria region of Italy.  Farmer Claudio Bianchi is a curmudgeon, who prefers to be left alone with his pig, cows and goat.


Under the rim of a baseball cap, long hair frames the always smiling face of Steve Kelzer.  It’s not hard to picture Kelzer riding on a tractor out in the fields of his Chaska family farm or feeding the cows.


As humorous as the image may be to our modern sense of humor, quick-cooking macaroni was nearly as much of a game changer as sliced bread.  The story behind quick-cooking macaroni, and the beginning of quick and easy cooking methods, is quite interesting.


It won’t hurt to add the stinger to any beverage lineup. With a nod to this month’s Tastemaker section feature on brandy, Tana Wold offers a go-to concoction that freshens up brandy with a hit of mint.


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