October 2015 Southwest Metro Magazine

In the October issue find the perfect spooky decor and tasty recipes for a haute Halloween, check out four local haunted houses and sample the best pumpkin dishes around the Metro.

When Matthew Peyton of Victoria snapped this picture, he captured his daughter’s essence in a still photo. Kathleen, who was just about to turn 2 when the photo was taken, is “totally happy-go-lucky,” Peyton says. “She’s a girly girl at heart.


Love it or hate it, the pumpkin craze seems to be here to stay. From bagels to lattes and beers to ice cream, we celebrate October with an ode to all things pumpkin.


The “Goddess of the Grapes” bronze sculpture was unveiled June 6 at Parley Lake Winery and Deardorff Orchards and Vineyards in Waconia.


The Power of 100 Southwest met July 23 at Biaggi’s in Eden Prairie to network and raise money for a local charity.


When Parker Olson thinks of how the Olson Haunted House started, he remembers how much his dad loves Halloween. “I’ve never seen someone get so much joy scaring little trick-or-treaters,” he says.


Trick or treat? Either way the answer went, I wasn’t going to get a personally coveted Baby Ruth or Almond Joy candy bar plunked into a plastic jack o’ lantern. If the outing went well, I may have discovered a muscle- and joint-friendly exercise option.


Whether entertaining friends for an elegantly ghoulish dinner party or feeding the goblins before they head out the door for trick-or-treating, Michael Schroers offers great recipes for creating a memorable Halloween gathering.


Imagine this: You’re 15 years old, and your schedule is jam-packed with horse shows, creative projects, volunteering for your favorite causes and hanging out with your best friends.


Most 13-year-olds are just trying to figure out what growing up is all about. But when Brian Beniek was 13, he was kick-starting his career in landscaping, lawn services and snow removal. He also had a paper route, and used that job to promote his business with each newspaper delivery.


When communities come together, great things can happen. That’s what eight women from the southwest metro believed in August 2014 when they started planning Power of 100 Southwest, Women Who Care.


While many of us stroll the neighborhood with our dogs regularly to keep fit and healthy, others—like triathlete, Ironman finisher, and self-proclaimed “endurance junkie” W. Harvey Skees of Eden Prairie—take exercising with dogs to a new level.


I will spare you the unthinkable details of my rescued American Pit Bull Terrier’s first three years of life because I’ve learned that what Prim’s previous human asked her to do doesn’t define her present or her future.


I don’t usually recommend mixing single malt Scotch whiskey with anything but ice or a few drops of water, but you can make this trusty standby taste like a million bucks by moving up to first class ingredients.

Million Dollar Rob Roy


Spooky Little Girl by Laurie Notaro
-Recommended by Jackie White

A ghost story that’s laugh-out-loud funny, thoughtful and endearing.

Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk
-Recommended by Laura Carlson


The Eden Prairie Historical Society is reviving its popular Ghost Walk on October 24 at the Cummins-Phipps-Grill House.


When Angel Eagen of Eden Prairie and Amy Ordahl of Savage met seven years ago in a class at the Eagle Creek Quilt Shop, their mutual love of all things handmade sparked the beginning of their own Etsy shop, TaDa! Creations.


“Dedicated” and “devoted” are two words Sarah Verdoorn uses to describe herself. But the words don’t vouch for her commitment as much as her long list of extracurricular activities do.