March 2014

In this month's issue of Southwest Metro Magazine, you've learn all about the art of renovating your home in stages, as well as a family who's been in the interior design industry for three generations.  In addition, we have a profile on the facinating Machtenes family, who runs a maple syrup business near the shores of Lake Waconia.  Check it out!

The American Legion in Chanhassen has been hosting the Friday night fish fries ever since general manager Paul Shellum can remember. “We’ve kind of become an icon in the southwest metro as far as fish fries go,” he says.


“I try to surprise people from time to time. Maybe look at something from a different angle or perspective than what they normally would see.” – Mark Weber, Arboretum Photographers Society member


Have you heard the buzz? STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) is headed for a whole new dimension—the third dimension, that is.


by Michael Lewis
recommended by Andrea Smith
For those of you who either love the insider’s view of major league baseball or those who enjoy seeing conventional wisdom debunked. Real people make great characters.


Bruce Helmer, the Chanhassen author of Real Wealth: How to Make Smart Money Choices for What Matters Most to YOU and host of Your Money on WCCO-AM since 1997, shares tips for staying cool through tax season.


Some lead and some follow, and there’s no question where Andrew Carlander falls on that spectrum.


Stocking the wine cellar, beer fridge or liquor cabinet doesn’t have to be yet another annoying errand to run—not if you swing by The Vintage in Chanhassen. The shop, which opened October 31, is owned and operated by husband and wife team Michael and Lisa Clausen.


Amidst peoples’ predilections for juicy steaks and perfectly-grilled burgers, seafood doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.


Romens clients span generations. Couples that once hired the mother-daughter interior-design duo of Ginny Romens and Lynn Goodwin years ago now have grown children—and even grandchildren—that have enlisted their help for making interior spaces more functional and beautiful. 


There is more than one way to bake a cake or shine a penny. There is also more than one way to remodel a house. Renovation in phases as opposed to a one-shot overhaul can result in a beautiful new kitchen to bake your cakes and more pennies to shine from the money you saved along the way.


It’s quiet on the shores of Lake Waconia. As every Minnesotan knows, March is notorious for its unpredictable weather patterns that facilitate blizzards, occasional early thaws, and one more month of quality indoor-time. For most people, that is.