February 2015

In the February issue of Southwest Metro Magazine you'll find wearable art from Waconia artists, a winter survival guide to soothe your skin and boost your health, and meet the family behind Eden Prairie's Teque Arepa.

We all know that reading to young children is good for them—proper exposure to literacy at a young age boosts communication, speech and logic skills.


Good little girls and boys met the Jolly Old Elf—or possibly one of his “helpers”—on December 16 at the Chaska Community Center.


Everyone’s approach is a bit different, but there’s one underlying theme when it comes to rib preparation in the southwest metro: Local chefs take their technique very seriously.


Mike Rusinko of Eden Prairie started taking photos as a hobby when he was a pre-teen, but it was his wife and daughter’s involvement with dance that inspired him to photograph performances.


There’s Survival—with a capitol S—and then there’s survival; you know, what it takes to get through your typical dreary winter day. We’re not talking about melting snow in a tin can over a fire.


If you’re looking for an artistic fix for your wardrobe, search no further than Waconia’s Unearthed Arts.


If the conversation turns to double claro or oscuro, undertones and overtones, or mild- to full-bodied, one might assume the topic of discussion is the perfect bottle wine.

Think again, and think cigars.


For 20 years, athletes of all skill levels have been coming together to be part of the Special Olympics Minnesota Unified Sports community.


Pabellón. Carne Mechada. Rumbera. Parchita. If you aren’t familiar with these terms, chances are you haven’t been to Eden Prairie’s Teque Arepa.


College and career planning just became a team sport at Chanhassen High School.


Chanhassen High School swimmer Kaia Grobe has set three state records for relays in three years, and earned nine state medals.


My 5-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier, Prim, doesn’t care how cold it is or how deep the snow—she loves playing outside. Prim needs at least four to six hours of exercise a day to keep her mind happy, so when it’s too cold for me, we play inside.

We call this “nose work:”


Seven years ago, Sarajo Wentling was looking for a stained glass class when she stumbled across a beading class at The Bead Monkey in Minneapolis. Right away, she was hooked.


If you’re crafty and you have time, you can make one of those growth charts that look like an oversized ruler. If you’re tired and you have $34, you can buy one from Yellow Brick Trading Company in Chaska.


A seasonal cocktail from the pros at Dolce Vita Wine Shop.

Serves 4



The Astronaut Wives Club
by Lily Koppel

Recommended by Marni Blomquist

Read about military wives launched into the spotlight when their husbands were chosen for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects.