Hot Coffee and Tea Picks from Dunn Bros., JJ’s and TeaSource

Going behind the counter with three of our favorite local coffee and tea experts.
Natasha Iankov holds a cappuccino from JJ's Coffe + Wine Bistro.

Nearly 90 percent of American adults consume caffeine on a daily basis.
And behind each cup of warm Joe or steeped tea is the face of someone who
worked hard to bring us the energizing boost we need. This month we go inside
our local coffee and tea shops to get to know a few of those brewing experts.

Amy Van Eps // Chaska Dunn
Bros. manager

How long have you been working in the coffee industry and at Dunn

Since July 2012.

do you like about where you work?

The atmosphere
created by the owner, co-workers and customers is such a joy—not to mention the
perk of being able to drink fantastic coffee is a plus, too.

coffee dos or don’ts?

Store all coffee
in an airtight container if storing longer than 3 weeks, otherwise use a
breatheable container. And never freeze your coffee. It removes the oils from
the beans, and thus changes the flavor.

do you like about the customers at Dunn Bros.?

Our customers
love and respect our coffee. I love seeing them leave with bigger smiles on
their faces, once they have their coffee or specialty drink in hand. 

has working in a coffee shop taught you?

A light roast
coffee has more caffeine than a dark roast coffee. The flavor of coffee and
whether it is bitter, acidic or smooth can depend upon the combination of bean
variety, country of origin and if it is roasted as a light or dark roast. 

drinks at Dunn Bros?

A hot cup of black
Full City coffee or the caramel latte macchiato.

food pairings with coffee?

Our raspberry white
chocolate or apple cinnamon scones.

Natasha Iankov // Eden Prairie JJ’s
Coffee + Wine Bistro barista

How long have you been working in the coffee industry and at JJ's?
I got my start in 2006, at a drive-through coffee stand in the
Seattle area until I moved to Minnesota in 2012. This is my full-time job and
what I love to do.

coffee dos or don’ts?

I don’t think there are any major dos or don’ts with coffee.
Everyone has his or her own personalized way of enjoying coffee, and that’s OK.

What do you like about the customers at JJ’s?
I feel like I come to work and see my friends everyday.

What has working in a coffee shop taught you?
A positive mindset and excellent customer service goes a long way.

Favorite drink at JJ's?
Iced Americano with white chocolate and a dash of cream.

Favorite food pairings with coffee?
Cinnamon coffee cake: You can’t go wrong with a pastry or dessert.

Jessica Hanley // Manager of Tea Source

How long have you been working at TeaSource?
Three and a half  years. I love teaching about tea, and it’s my
full-time job. But when I get home at the end of the day, I curl up with a good
book and my gray tabby cat and listen to Bob Dylan records.

What do you like about where you work?
All of my co-workers are exceptionally creative and knowledgeable.
Plus, because we carry many different teas throughout the seasons,
our job never gets boring.

Any tea dos or don’ts?
Try a wide range to find your perfect cup. Don’t get attached to one
favorite tea; tea is like wine, a seasonal agricultural
product. Slight variations in weather can make huge changes in taste.

What has working at TeaSource taught you?
Working at TeaSource has taught me that a small local business can
be successful.

Favorite drinks at Tea Source?
I love indulging in the most expensive teas. Any day can be a great day when you have a
cup of Golden Dragon black tea in your hand. A house favorite is our homemade chai.

Chaska Dunn Bros
100 E. Second St.

JJ’s Coffee + Wine Bistro
7942 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie

561 Prairie Center Drive, Eden Prairie