Clutter stacks up over the winter, but Kristina Fortune Anderson from Vitality Organizing can help you stay organized and start the new year right.

As a kid, did you ever dream of living in a futuristic, space-age city? Like the Jetsons and their neighbors, your abode would have a robot for a housekeeper and a moving sidewalk. You’d communicate by screen instead of by phone, and you’d accomplish everyday tasks at the push of a button.

A poorly placed, outdated fireplace can pose a design challenge for homeowners—even those with a flair for home décor.

When it comes to updating a home, sometimes it’s the “old” pieces you have on hand that provide the answer. “With art, the most important thing is it means something to you,” says Chantal Devane of Devane Design in Eden Prairie.

The creative eye of professional photographer Hans Petruska extends well beyond his camera lens. He designs and maintains park-like gardens on his two-acre lot that serve as a backdrop for much of his stunning photography.