Looking around the Carver Junk Company is like meeting up with old friends—who have undergone dramatic makeovers.

Being northerners, the anticipation of the first snow here in Minnesota is nearly palpable. After holiday festivities, however, anticipation wanes and the winter blues set in as subzero temperatures and icy roads take over for another four months.

When Sara Trosen and her husband Brian moved into their Eden Prairie twin home in 2002, they only planned to stay a few years.

Stephanie Kurtz, owner of Blossom Essentials in Eden Prairie, uses essential oils to clean her home.

Stephanie Kurtz was ‘going green’ before ‘going green’ was even a thing.

When her mom was diagnosed with cancer nearly 20 years ago, the family started to replace the chemical products in their medicine drawer and cleaning cabinet with natural, essential oil-based products.

It all started with a simple request for a patio and fire pit, but the Stapletons’ Waconia backyard redesign ended up becoming so much more.
A burgundy colored wall filled with black-and-white family photos is part of what makes Peterson's house into a home.

In our fast-paced world, stress and busyness have become—unfortunately—something of an epidemic. For many of us, coming home at the end of a long day means entering an oasis, a place to relax, recharge and separate ourselves from the daily grind.

Romens clients span generations. Couples that once hired the mother-daughter interior-design duo of Ginny Romens and Lynn Goodwin years ago now have grown children—and even grandchildren—that have enlisted their help for making interior spaces more functional and beautiful. 

There is more than one way to bake a cake or shine a penny. There is also more than one way to remodel a house. Renovation in phases as opposed to a one-shot overhaul can result in a beautiful new kitchen to bake your cakes and more pennies to shine from the money you saved along the way.

Emily Tepe, University of Minnesota horticulturalist

I've lived in Minnesota my whole life, and I really don't like to complain about winter — I usually try to stoically accept it. But I am so, so done with winter this year.

Yes, we're stuck in a polar vortex (does anyone else feel like that's a term that belongs in a comic book?), but I'm pretty certain that's not stopping my fellow gardeners from dreaming of digging in the dirt.