This Historical Novel Centers on 2 Lost Girls in War-torn England

We Must Be Brave by Frances Liardet
Frances Liardet debuts with "We Must be Brave."

Frances Liardet’s fiction debut, released in February 2019, sets us down into December 1940 England during the Blitz. Ellen Parr, newly-married and settling into quiet country domesticity after years of trauma, is helping with the buses evacuating mothers and children from the bombed-out city of Southampton.

In the back of one bus, she finds a little girl, who no one can identify. Ellen takes Pamela home, and quickly into her heart. But even as three years go by and Ellen is certain that Pamela is hers to keep, there are relatives looking for Pamela, and they eventually claim her.

Decades later, Ellen encounters a lonely, “lost” girl, who reawakens Ellen’s memories of Pamela.

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