Help for the Southwest Metro’s Stressed-out Moms

Stressed mamas can find peace by taming chaotic households, running away, meeting new friends and much more.
Meghan Peyton of Victoria juggles two children under 2, Kathleen and Kieran, with so much grace and style thanks to a personal assistant that we had to clutter-up her kitchen for this photo shoot.

Crazed moms on the go and mothers-to-be have dozens of local options for connecting with other parents, taking a little me time and finding healthier, simpler ways to live. “I have moms who come to me and want to lose weight, clear up their skin, get organized, sleep … it’s the whole thing,” says Katie Peyton, owner of Limitless You Health Coaching. Many local businesses tout special classes and times especially for moms, occasionally with kiddos in tow, to come in, de-stress and connect with others in the community. A Personal Assistant Katie Peyton does it all as she offers her in-home services to women who just need to create some extra time in their day. For those on the fast track to cleaning up their lives, quite literally, she offers the Busy Mama Boot Camp. The boot camp is a 30-day condensed version of her standard six-month program where she works with women to focus on their goals related to nutrition, organization, stress, energy and exercise. For the boot camp, clients meet with Peyton two times a week and focus on meal planning, healthy grocery shopping, a workout and the organizing of three rooms—usually starting with the kitchen. The meal planning includes a time to prepare all the foods needed for the coming week in a few hours. Peyton says she shows clients how to transform one meal into three and helps them shop in bulk, pre-packaging everything from kids’ snacks to lunches and dinners that can be whipped together in minutes in between the school bus and the soccer game. Peyton says she helps create systems that save families time. “Many times, they just need to be more organized,” she says. Limitless You Health Coaching, 612.719.6462. An Excuse to Run Away For moms looking to carve out a little time for themselves or gather with others, stroller and little one in hand, there’s Moms on the Run of Eden Prairie. The group meets for one hour two nights a week with an optional distance run on a third night. “It’s a great resource for people to get out,” says Franchise owner Janelle Ianfolla. “It’s a group of women who really start to become a family. They relate to each other.” The running club serves the entire Southwest Metro area and has about 30 regular members. Membership lasts 18 weeks and is open to all types of runners, from those who just want to begin to those who want to increase their speed or have a specific goal. In addition to a 30-45 minute run, club members complete a 12-minute strength-training program and discuss nutrition. The club offers year-round opportunities for running. The regular season runs from the end of April through mid-August, weather dependent. The fall run club is a little less structured and begins in mid-September and continues until there’s snow on the ground. The winter club works indoors and outside one day a week. Moms on the Run, 612.893.1925; Faith-based Support Many local churches offer support to moms in the form of book clubs, Bible studies, service-based clubs and parenting groups. Pax Christi in Eden Prairie has its own Moms ROCK (Raising Our Christian Kids) group. The group is open to parishioners and the public and offers a little bit of everything. Members gather to hear speakers on topics spanning parenting to personal growth, work on service projects and participate in mom’s nights out. Childcare is available in the church nursery depending on the activity. The Moms ROCK members also support one another outside the group. Every time a new baby is born, the members plan and coordinate meals for the family. They also share babysitting time and support one another with meals and prayer when someone is sick. The group members really create a bond with one another, says Mary Kennedy, the director of stewardship for the church. “They’re a community,” she says. Moms ROCK, 952.405.7220; Claim Some Calm Various yoga studios throughout the Southwest Metro offer prenatal yoga and some offer classes specially for kids while moms relax, taking a class in an adjoining class. At Yoga Prairie, Instructor Pati Richards teaches the prenatal yoga class. “Our focus is very much about supporting the moms and helping them connect with their body, with their intuitions and their own inner wisdom, as well as connect with this life that is growing within them,” Richards says. Her clients spend extra time focusing on rest and relaxation and just how to get comfortable in an ever-changing body. They use meditation to connect with their baby and learn various poses, some that are helpful specifically during labor and delivery. Members also focus on strengthening the muscles needed for labor and delivery. “It’s really about connections and the community that’s created with other moms who are going through the exact same thing,” Richards says. Good & Twisted Yoga in Chaska offers prenatal classes, as well as an option for moms (or dads) to take classes at the same time as their child but in a neighboring room. As mom works through her routine in one studio, her child attends a kids’ class especially made for them. Through its Little Twisters (open to kids 4-7) and Big Twisters programs (kids 8-12) children focus on breathing techniques and poses. The Little Twisters program begins with story time and the kids spend the remainder acting out yoga poses for the characters and animals in the story. Older students focus on balance and flexibility. “Kids can benefit from stress reduction, learning to breathe … Kids need that just as much as adults,” Studio Owner Jennifer Fahler says. “It’s such a great connection for the parents and kids to have in common.” Yoga Prairie; 952.944.6096; Good & Twisted; 952.448.9642 Relax and Recharge Ridgeview Medical Center offers a whole host of relaxation services for stressed mamas. Its spa therapy services—which include massage, acupuncture and reflexology—are open to the public, as well as patients of the center. In addition, Ridgeview offers an ever-changing series of exercise classes throughout the year. Classes can range from prenatal yoga to Pilates to the Caveman Attack class, which includes tire-flipping, rope-twisting and sprinting among other things. To view a current class schedule go to the Ridgeview website. Participants can register online or by calling 952.442.8083. Join the Club Though each Moms Club is different in its approach, most clubs offer an occasional mom’s night out as well as regular opportunities to bring their children on play dates, and visits to local parks, libraries and museums. “It’s a way to connect with other moms that also have children the same ages,” says Jennifer Stevens, area coordinator for MOMS Club in the Southwest Metro. “The kids get to play, and you get to have some adult conversation.” Though it’s not well-advertised, and is up to the discretion of the club, Stevens says the organization is open to men, as well as grandparents serving as caregivers. In addition, she says, parents can’t age out of the club; members are welcome to attend events and activities even if their children are school-aged and unavailable.To find a chapter in your community go to and click on “Finding a Chapter Near You.” Chanhassen/Excelsior; Chaska/Victoria; Chaska/Carver; Eden Prairie; Waconia.