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A child looks out the window of a plane.

The Harder family discovered a unique way to entertain and educate the entire family through global travel—without leaving their home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Snowy days are no excuse to stay huddled inside. Get out and get active with the whole family with one of these fun winter activities.

Let’s be honest: Finding the time and motivation to squeeze exercise into your life can be challenging.  There’s work, friends, family and other commitments that often come before even thinking about heading to the gym.

Moms and dads, we hear you: This time of year, it can be tricky to keep your little ones entertained, let alone active. One of the best indoor wintertime adventures to burn off that excess energy might be martial arts.

Minnesota is a winter wonderland this month, so get some fresh air at the Lake Minnewashta walking paths.

Cold weather is no excuse for spending countless hours on the couch. Golf Zone, Minnesota’s only all-season golf destination, keeps patrons active throughout the winter and stops golf games from growing rusty with indoor facilities and winter specials.

Looking through a frosted window on a cold winter morning may cause some to crawl back under the covers, but for painter and graphic designer Bill Moeger, it’s reason to create something beautiful.

Long, luxurious lashes may seem like only a dream to some.

Kris Roach swears by the power of detox dieting. Fourteen years ago she suffered from Candida, a chronic gut-lining condition, and had forgotten what it felt like to be healthy.

Crazed moms on the go and mothers-to-be have dozens of local options for connecting with other parents, taking a little me time and finding healthier, simpler ways to live.