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Two women plank in a park

tudies show that outdoor workouts have multiple benefits, including boosting moods, releasing stress, improving self-esteem and increasing absorption of natural vitamin D, which takes a dive in the winter.

Trick or treat? Either way the answer went, I wasn’t going to get a personally coveted Baby Ruth or Almond Joy candy bar plunked into a plastic jack o’ lantern. If the outing went well, I may have discovered a muscle- and joint-friendly exercise option.

While many of us stroll the neighborhood with our dogs regularly to keep fit and healthy, others—like triathlete, Ironman finisher, and self-proclaimed “endurance junkie” W. Harvey Skees of Eden Prairie—take exercising with dogs to a new level.

I will spare you the unthinkable details of my rescued American Pit Bull Terrier’s first three years of life because I’ve learned that what Prim’s previous human asked her to do doesn’t define her present or her future.

“Dedicated” and “devoted” are two words Sarah Verdoorn uses to describe herself. But the words don’t vouch for her commitment as much as her long list of extracurricular activities do.

On Memorial Day, the sixth annual Randy’s Run raised money for scholarships for Eden Prairie High School students.

The Eden Prairie Foundation marked another successful fundraising event on April 25 at Green Acres Event Center.

The Eden Prairie Community Foundation is planning its second annual Prairie Brewfest this month. This year’s festival aims to be bigger and better, featuring live music, food, and a raffle.

At first blush, it might be difficult to imagine that Brian Robison was ever a little boy growing up in the idyllic-sounding town of Splendora, deep in the proverbial heart of Texas, where he pond hopped his way through fishing spots in between playing football and running track.

Tai Chi classes, fashion shows and trips to the North Shore. What may seem like a twenty-something’s weekend lineup is really what the Eden Prairie Senior Center is offering its visitors.

There is nothing worse than receiving news that your pet is ill and won’t recover. The hard reality smacked me in the face on August 20, 2012.