Going Out

A child looks out the window of a plane.

The Harder family discovered a unique way to entertain and educate the entire family through global travel—without leaving their home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

See your favorite flicks play out on stage as local theaters tackle Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Dr. Dolittle and The Wizard of Oz this summer. 

Warmth and playfulness reign in Matthew Peyton’s photo “Swinging Beauty.” While it may look as though it could be part of a portrait session, the photo was completely spontaneous.

When Disney's The Little Mermaid was released in 1989, it broke box-office records and attracted critical acclaim—not to mention the affections of kids and families who were taken by the plucky Ariel and her undersea adventures.

Amidst peoples’ predilections for juicy steaks and perfectly-grilled burgers, seafood doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

Snowy days are no excuse to stay huddled inside. Get out and get active with the whole family with one of these fun winter activities.

Looking through a frosted window on a cold winter morning may cause some to crawl back under the covers, but for painter and graphic designer Bill Moeger, it’s reason to create something beautiful.

Crazed moms on the go and mothers-to-be have dozens of local options for connecting with other parents, taking a little me time and finding healthier, simpler ways to live.

The bonds between performers are strong, but the bonds between theatre communities offstage can be even stronger. That tight-knit group is coming together to help Carl Lee, the director of marketing & theatrical programming at the Hennepin Theatre Trust, who has been seriously ill for weeks.

If you’d like to introduce your children to sushi, but don’t want to jump in the deep end with something like the Playboy Roll, check out the parent and child Sushi 101 class at Way Cool Cooking School in Eden Prairie.