Give the Gift of Gratitude This Holiday Season

A person offers a gift wrapped in brown paper and tied with a blue ribbon.
Use gratitude to inspire ideas for gift giving.

An overwhelming sense of gratitude fills my heart as the calendar year winds down and a natural pause for reflection takes center stage.

I shared a conversation poolside this past summer with a dear friend, whose message struck a very strong chord with me. Sue was a biology teacher for 40 years and spoke of a student, who was advised not to participate in a particular biology lesson. Sue advocated for this student, who ended up completing the lesson with the most unbelievable precision and skill.

I applauded Sue for giving this student the platform to soar and the gift of confidence.

As you make your holiday gift lists for teachers (and even hosts, friends and family), take extra time to remember a gift they once gave your child (or you!) and how it has been life changing. Get creative, and showcase your thankfulness through a handwritten letter, a framed photograph, a painting or even a keepsake ornament.

The most cherished gifts are memories and impactful connections we make with each other.