Get ready for bike season at Michael’s Cycles in Chaska

Get your bicycle in shape for the trails this season
John Emery, manager of Michael’s Cycles in Chaska

Not sure where to start to get your dusty bike from the garage to the trail this spring? The first thing you can do is perform a quick and basic evaluation. “Take it off the ceiling, dust it off, put air in the tires and check if the brakes still work,” says John Emery, manager of Michael’s Cycles in Chaska.

If you find that the brakes aren’t working properly, or that a tire is crooked or doesn’t hold air well, the best thing to do is to bring it to your local bike shop. According to Michael Knoll, owner of Michael’s Cycles, most bike shops will look over your cycle and give estimates on repairs that might be needed.

To keep your bike in good ongoing shape, Emery advises that you put air in your tires at least once a week and lubricate the bike chain, too. These simple routines will help your bike last longer and stay in better shape.

And the best advice is to not procrastinate. “Take your bike in now,” Knoll says. “Don’t wait until it’s nice out.”

Local Bike Shops

Get your bike tuned up—or check out the latest models—at these local shops:

Bokoo Bikes and Paddle Sports

550 Lake Drive, Chanhassen; 952.934.6468

Erik’s Bike Shop
16570 Main St., Eden Prairie; 952.934.7993

18674 Lake Drive E., Chanhassen; 952.474.3180

Freewheel Bike
12910 Plaza Drive, Eden Prairie; 952.377.2230

Michael’s Cycles

700 N. Chestnut St., Chaska; 952.361.6550