Visitors can look forward to a new Chinese Garden at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum opening to the public this fall.

Learn about plants and gardening techniques at the Shady Acres Herb Farm Garden Salon, featuring expert speakers, workshops and demonstrations.

As the temperamental days of April unfold into the glorious days of May, gardeners tap into their inner Maias (the goddess of plant growth and the month’s namesake) to create their own precious garden gems.

If you sit outside on a warm, sunny day and listen carefully, you might hear the humming of insects busy at work. That’s because some residents of the southwest metro are returning their yards to a natural habitat where insects thrive and flowers bloom all summer long.

Feed your garden at the second annual Plate to Garden fundraiser for Waconia Schools. In association with Carver County Environmental Services, the Waconia School District is selling 25-pound bags of compost for $5 each.

Every spring, as the ground thaws and the soil becomes workable, Waconia’s Ginny Karki listens to the siren call heard by all gardeners and leaves her home to start digging in the dirt. She likes to experiment each year with different and challenging plants.

 Nancy Guldberg

Look but don’t touch is a phrase that most kids are used to hearing when it comes to visiting a fancy place with trinkets and fragile flowers—but not at Master Gardener Nancy Guldberg’s home in Victoria.