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The sidecar is a classic sour drink, made popular during the golden age of cocktails in the early 1900s. Our version uses top-quality brandy (Armagnac) as the base spirit, along with orange liqueur and lemon, plus a touch of sweetness.


JJ’s Coffee + Wine Bistro in Eden Prairie has always been a great place to meet a friend for coffee or catch up with co-workers during a happy hour, but now it’s also a fabulous date night destination.

A scattering of nuts can transform an ordinary recipe into something truly spectacular. These Southwest Metro restaurants serve distinctively delicious nut dishes with staying power.

Pecan Pie

So your Thanksgiving meal is over, and you’re too full for pie, but still craving a sweet dessert. How about a Brandy Alexander? Chocolaty, sweet, creamy and smooth, a Brandy Alexander is a perfect liquid dessert.

Brandy Alexander
Makes 1 serving

Lutefisk. A common term in a Norwegian’s vocabulary, this prepared codfish has made its way into the homes and hearts of many Scandinavian descendents—and onto the worst-food-ever list of many others.

ONLINE HED:  Restaurants: Whole Grain Dishes in Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Victoria and Chaska
Smokin’ Hot Pies

Sometimes an evening in the country is way more appealing than a night on the town. Need evidence? See Sovereign Estate Winery and Vineyard’s revival of the supper club.

Variety and versatility reign supreme when it comes to tacos. They lend themselves to pizza or salad, and they even survive when it comes to fusion with other flavor traditions (see Kona Grill’s Beef Bulgogi Tacos as a prime example).