Field of Dreams

Kristine McNamara’s photo captures her gratitude for Minnesota.

After living in Las Vegas for 12 years, Minnesota natives Kristine McNamara and her husband, Steve, were thrilled to return to their home state last winter. But moving from the desert of Nevada to the frozen tundra of Minnesota in the dead of winter proved to be quite the transition. “The timing could’ve been a little better,” Kristine says. Nonetheless, she and her husband were ready to be back home, surrounded by family and friends. McNamara started taking photos with her first digital camera in 2002. Capturing her life through the lens was the key to staying in touch with their Minnesota family while the couple lived in Vegas.

During her first months back in Minnesota, McNamara had an extensive list of places she wanted to visit. This photo, Field of Dreams, was taken at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum last May. On a visit with her son, Kristine decided to snap a few shots. Crouching low on the ground, she framed the shot and snapped the photo as an overwhelming sense of peace rushed over her. “It was much more than what I expected, the feeling of being back in Minnesota, the nature, the flowers blooming,” she says. “It was a new beginning... I almost can’t describe the feeling.”


This photo took second place in the City Landmarks category of our annual photo contest.