Favorite Southwest Metro Drinks with Cinema Standouts

Delicious drinks reimagined as the favorites of notable movie characters.
The Schnazberry mojito and Cuzmo from Cuzzy's Brick House in Chaska.

Another November is upon us, meaning the beautiful fall season is slowly transforming into another beastly Minnesota winter. There are fewer remedies for the frozen doldrums as tried and true as a strong, refreshing cocktail coupled with a favorite film. This month, we are bringing you a selection of local cocktail options from around the southwest metro, and pairing each with a film character known to consume the beverage—or one who we think would enjoy each drink.
Visit these hot spots and follow up with the film, or invite friends for a viewing party and try your hand at mixing these cocktails at home.

Skinny Cutini

Houlihan’s in Chanhassen is serving up the flavor without all of those pesky calories. Case in point: The Skinny Cutini cocktail boasts fewer than 125. A simple mixture of Effen Cucumber Vodka, lime juice and mint blend the sour and the fresh for a cool combination that is nearly guilt-free ($6.95).
Your cocktail countess: Ms. Scarlett O’Hara. Clever, composed and charming, Scarlett seeks a flavor affair to reflect her sophisticated upbringing and sense of style. Cucumber-smooth on the outside, this seemingly accessible woman slowly reveals herself to be of a richer and more revealing flavor, just like the Cutini. 530 Pond Promenade, Chanhassen; 952.974.3939.

The Bloody Mary
Brindisi’s Pub
Brindisi’s Pub has your November drink pick on point with its bloody mary. Dubbed “a meal in a glass” by no one in particular, this concoction is sure to brighten your morning, or add a spark to your nightlife. The only change to this classic recipe is the use of Absolut Peppar vodka and a skewer of spicy delectables to top off this masterpiece ($6). If you choose to stick around, Chanhassen Dinner Theatres will provide the perfect entertainment for your pleasure as you indulge in your delicious drink.
The hero of hemoglobin: There’s no other choice, really. Count Dracula is the connoisseur of all that is coagulated, and he has taken a shine to the bloody mary. While the vegetarian vamp, Twilight’s Edward Cullen would enjoy the garnish, he simply does not possess the flavor and bite the Count and Brindisi’s bloody have in spades. 501 W. 78th St., Chanhassen; 952.934.1520.

Floyd’s Golden Margarita
Floyd’s Bar
As the air begins to chill, many have their sights already set on spring. What better way to feed that nostalgia than a refreshing margarita? Floyd’s Bar in Victoria offers up a golden margarita to bring the sunshine. A mix of Cuervo Gold, Solerno and a dash of Grand Marnier add an interesting orange flavor kick to give this drink a touch of class without sacrificing any of its robust character ($6.75).
The wild card: While the margarita is traditionally a summer drink, “Tequila” from the Hong Kong action film Hard-Boiled suggests that there’s always room for a wild card. Tequila’s mission as a cop is to avenge his partner and Floyd’s Golden Margarita is known as the tequila that avenged the feeling of summer from winter’s cold grip. Every crime fighter needs a partner, and these two make the perfect pair. 1758 Arboretum Blvd., Victoria; 952.443.9944.

Moscow Mule
Woody’s Grille
There’s a Russian proverb that reads “vino vinu tvorit” and roughly translates to “wine causes guilt.” So, skip the wine and try something heartier. Served in a copper mug, the Moscow Mule is as burly as its name, hauling Prairie Organic Vodka, fresh lime juice and mint, a simple syrup, and ginger beer from your taste buds to the pleasure center of the brain. ($8.99).
The American classic: In the face of a drink featuring a rival foreign capital as its name, Rocky Balboa staunchly stands as the poster boy of a proud American melting pot. Only the proper mix of brawn and bravado could possibly hope to conquer a drink as deliciously complex as Woody’s Moscow Mule. While it has an intimidating list of ingredients, this tasty treat goes down easier than Ivan Drago. 6399 City West Pkwy., Eden Prairie; 952.944.8799.

Schnazberry Mojito

Cuzzy’s Brick House
Cuzzy’s in Chaska is serving up an all-new purple delight. This fluorescent favorite is known as the Schnazberry mojito and is a delicious mix of homemade blueberry simple syrup, fresh mint, Bacardi Limon and soda ($6.00). Before too long, this confectionary concoction will have you shouting the drink’s menu tagline: “I want an Oompa Loompa now, Daddy!”
The belle in blue: The Schnazberry mojito is a nod to the fruit of the same name in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Therefore, we see it fitting that Miss Violet Beauregarde should be your drinking companion (nonalcoholic for her, of course). After all, she is familiar with all that is blue. Sweet, savory and overflowing with character, this Cuzzy’s drink is a treat. 2880 Chaska Blvd., Chaska; 952.448.5594.