Editor’s Pick: On the Scent

MNMutt Candles celebrate our state’s love of dogs.

With delightfully outdoor-inspired scents, highlighting our state’s pine forests and lakeshores, MNMutt Candles fit perfectly in any dog lover’s home. “The MNMutt Candles were really inspired by our state’s pride, as well as our love for our dogs,” says Kathy Kuhl, owner of Nelli Designs. “While nationally we rank in the middle of the pack for dog ownership in the United States, personally, living in Minnesota, it seems we are leaders of the pack as far as the number of businesses who are dog-friendly… It seems you can hardly go anywhere in Minnesota without being in the company of a dog.”

The candles come in two varieties: yellow state (with the scent of pine trees) and blue state, a “woodsy, driftwood scent reminiscent of being out on the lake among the trees,” Kuhl says.

Kuhl launched Nelli Designs in 2008, after the death of her beloved dog, Maggie, prompted her to create a line of pet memorial candles. Kuhl and her husband recently started the non-profit organization Walk.Talk.Connect dedicated to spinal cord tumor and back awareness—turn to page 16 for details.