Eden Prairie's New Pizza Place Serves Up Socially Conscious Slices

A tandoor-fired pizza from Pizza Karma in Eden Prairie.
The restaurant aims to leave a positive mark on the world, environmentally and socially.

For a primer on Pizza Karma's adventurous menu from concept creator and menu consultant Raghavan Iyer, click here.

Pizza Karma, a place that’s only been slinging pies since December of last year, has already won the hearts (and taste buds) of those who have stopped in for a bite. With exotic twists on the menu, Pizza Karma is giving its visitors a different, unexpected take on a conventional classic.

Instead of using a traditional pizza crust, Pizza Karma makes its pizza on flatbread. Giving the pizzas a soft and airy crust, it is a welcome departure from a more traditional pizza and comes in three different flavors—plain, potato chile and garlic cilantro. A gluten-free option is also available. Like any good pizza, the naan serves as an excellent vehicle for the sauce and toppings, and there are plenty to try. From a chicken kebab pizza to one sprinkled with coconut shrimp, there’s something for every palate.

Prepared in clay-lined tandoor ovens, pizzas are removed from the slab and presented to hungry diners. While the clay ovens provide pizzas with a rich and robust taste, they also serve as fabulous decor. It’s nearly impossible not to marvel at the three mammoth orange ovens that churn out pizza day in and day out.

With any great pizza, there needs to be equally stellar sides, as well, and Pizza Karma has those bases covered with a host of unique sharing plates and appetizers. Indulge in a plate of almond and cardamom lamb meatballs, or try the avocado pomegranate dip, served with potato chile bread for dunking. With all starters offered for $10 or less, diners can expand their choices without breaking the bank.

Pizza Karma’s offerings don’t end at shareables and pizza. Take a sip or two of the Alphonse mango frappe, sure to become a favorite. Sweet and tangy, it’s Pizza Karma’s unique, elegant answer to the smoothie, and it deliciously delivers.

The restaurant aims to leave a positive mark on the world, environmentally and socially. With over 26 vegetarian and vegan options, the menu gives guests flexibility and options when it comes to eating healthfully and consciously, and all plates and utensils are completely compostable; there are no garbage cans. Keeping true to its name, Pizza Karma is dedicated to donating a portion of its proceeds to local charities. What goes around, comes around, and it’s easy to see why Pizza Karma has been in such good graces.

Pizza Karma
8451 Joiner Way, Eden Prairie
Facebook: @pizzakarmamn
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