Eden Prairie Women of Today’s Murder Mystery Nite

  • Doug and Jennifer Loon as “Leif Z. Beech” and “Bubbles J. Kusie,” Gary Stevens as “Pinky R. Lamenceau,” and Eden Prairie Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens as “Dr. Chlora Fill.”
  • Katie Castro and Melissa Redzuan as “Detective Redwan.”
  • Steph Voight questions Jenifer Loon as “Bubbles J. Kusie.”
  • Mark Mackmiller as “Rex N. Plunders” and Mary Mackmiller as “Raslyn C. Ritters.”
  • Peggy Muller as “Mrs. Marina Swagg” and Lisa Toomey as “Bea R. Ghest.”
  • Laurie McDowell, Bob Burns and Tim Mulcrone as “Paul Meddo.”