Eden Prairie Librarians’ Book Picks for May

Sports memoirs focused on standing ground.

A Fighter’s Heart: One Man’s Journey Though the World of Fighting

by Sam Sheridan

The narrative stems from one man’s quest to find out whether he has what it takes to fight. A pursuit launched by both fear and desire turns into to a worldwide journey to learn about fighting from those who do it for love, legacy, a paycheck or all of the above.

The Way of the River: Adventures and Meditations of a Woman Martial Artist
by BK Loren

The Way of the River is an illuminating, autobiographical exploration of the physical, mental and spiritual lessons of the martial arts. Really, it is. Similar to Sam Sheridan’s The Fighter’s Heart, BK Loren offers insight into why we prepare to fight. It may be the most peaceful action we take.

A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex
by Chris Jericho

While I am not a World Championship Wrestling fan by any stretch, I couldn’t help but enjoy reading about Chris Jericho’s journey to the pro wrestling world from pretty average beginnings in Canada.

—recommendations from librarians at the Eden Prairie Library