Eden Prairie Ice Castle in Miller Park

Forget the frostbite of winter and enjoy its beauty at the ice castle in Eden Prairie’s Miller Park.

In the midst of gusting winds and icy sidewalks—not to mention shoveling—sometimes it’s hard to remember we live in a winter wonderland.

But a stroll through the large ice castle in Eden Prairie’s Miller Park might be what it takes to rekindle a childlike appreciation of the season. The castle, designed by Utah-based ice artist Brent Christensen, features towers, archways, tunnels, stalactites and a throne—all made entirely of ice. Christensen doesn’t use ice blocks in the construction (which started in late October), so the castle resembles organic formations found in nature like frozen waterfalls, glaciers or ice caves. The castle’s endless icicles sparkle glacial blue by day, and, by evening, they glow from thousands of multi-colored LED lights embedded in the ice.

Visitors can explore the entire castle, including a winding ice maze and a tubular ice slide. “What’s really special is that every visitor gets a distinctive experience since the ice is constantly melting, freezing and being reshaped,” says Christensen, who built a similar castle at the Mall of America in Bloomington two years ago. “It’s an amazing, continuously evolving and very organic experience.”

Eden Prairie Ice Castle
Open through March 2015, weather permitting
Miller Park, 8208 Eden Prairie Road, Eden Prairie
Visit icecastles.com for ticket information and hours.