Eden Prairie Community Foundation Gala

  • Tom Guetzke and Todd Bertelson
  • Tom Commerford and Bob Grootwassink
  • Skip Young and Mark Voorhees
  • Sever Peterson and Ron Case
  • Nadege Souvenir and Joshua Dorothy
  • Kari Baltzer and Ann Steen
  • Judy Anderson and Robin Silverman
  • John and Kathy Pottebaum, Steve Stromberg, Shannon and Curtis Dobler
  • John and Kathy McCarthy, Dr. Olinda Floro, and Leeann and David Lindahl
  • Jacob and Audrey Hookom, Sarah Dworsky, and Matt Wint
  • Emily Crook, David Hamm and Peter Castro
  • Ellen Nelson and Bonnie Saunders
  • Doug Steen and Tim Baltzer
  • Cathy McCoy, Cindy Cofer Evert and Sharon Burnham
  • Casey and Rick Getschow, and Sherry Butcher-Wickstrom and Mark Wickstrom
  • Alissa Thielman, Kelly Fischer and Erin Johnson