Eden Prairie’s new 9Round Fitness

Eden Prairie’s new 9Round kickboxing club
Gina Michaels, the owner of 9Round kickboxing club.

Gina Michaels was a fresh graduate of the University of St. Thomas and contemplating “what’s next?” when she found herself working out a lot at a 9Round kickboxing and fitness club in her hometown in Wisconsin. Then it dawned on her: Why not bring 9Round’s 30-minute program to a whole new market?So she returned to the Twin Cities, and opened a 9Round in Eden Prairie. The club features nine fitness stations with different activities, and members spend 3 minutes at each station with a trainer, taking a 30-second break in between stations. The workouts change on a daily basis. “It’s something that’s great for all levels,” Michaels says, noting that trainers can adapt the activities at each station to be easier or more difficult. 9round.com/fitness/Eden-Prairie.