Eden Prairie’s Mike Rusinko Captures Picturesque Minnesota Morning

When the driveway, street, cars and everything in sight is buried in snow, it’s sometimes difficult to remember why Minnesota is worth living in. “I’m a lifelong Minnesota kid,” says Mike Rusinko, who captured this photo with his iPhone. “As I get older, I probably love winter a little bit less, but I love the season.”

Despite the fact he was shoveling snow from his deck after a particularly wicked snowstorm, Rusinko was still able to capture the essence of why he loves winter. “My favorite day is probably the sunny, crisp, cold day right after a snowstorm,” he says. “ … [The photo] was the start of that beautiful Minnesota winter day.”

Although Rusinko is well-outfitted with quality photography equipment after 40 years as a photographer, he captured this photo with the help of an app called Camera +, allowing him to have more control over the phone’s camera function and how the photo turned out. “We’re lucky enough to live right on Rice Marsh Lake and have the opportunity to take photos like that right off our back deck.”