Eden Prairie’s Meg Hamann Creates Fashion and Home Goods

Meg Hamann in one of her custom-made flannel shirts. She is also wearing one of her custom-made necklaces.

When Meg Hamann opened her online shop, The Freezing Squirrel, in December 2013, it was out of necessity. “I kept having ideas and made so much and didn’t know what to do with it all,” she explains.

While Hamann has dabbled in a variety of different crafts, her latest focus is flannel. Hamann’s custom order flannel shirts were also designed out of necessity; she couldn’t find a shirt that fit in a pattern she liked. But making flannel shirts yields lots of flannel scraps. Hamann began knitting and crocheting leftover flannel into scarves and coasters, which she also sells. Watch for her flannel Christmas stockings debuting this season.

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