Eden Prairie’s Bryan Dunn makes custom lunch bags

Eden Prairie’s Bryan Dunn adds a special flair to his son’s lunch.
Eden Prairie dad Bryan Dunn designs a new lunch bag every day for his son Rowan.

Bryan Dunn has been interested in design for as long as he can remember, so adding illustrations to his son’s paper lunch bag came naturally. “I’ve always drawn,” he says. “I was one of those kids that never really stopped.” But he never expected those daily illustrations to get national attention.

About two and a half years ago, Dunn, who lives in Eden Prairie, began illustrating various figures and cartoons on his son Rowan’s paper lunch bags. After posting a handful of photos on reddit.com, Dunn’s illustrations went viral. With more than one million views in a day, Dunn’s concept attracted attention from The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Star Tribune, among others.

Rowan, a second grader at St. Hubert School in Chanhassen, has a dairy allergy and isn’t able to eat some popular lunch items. As a result, Dunn and his wife Jessica try to make their son’s lunch experience extra special. Because Rowan brings his lunch to school every day, the paper bag seemed like an obvious place to start. “I’ll spend half an hour doing something I probably would have done anyway that makes him feel a little more special,” says Dunn, who works as a senior interactive designer.

It’s safe to say the other kids in the lunchroom think Rowan’s extra-special lunch bags are pretty cool; a few teachers have even asked for illustrations, too.


Find Dunn’s daily drawings at facebook.com/thebagdad.