A Dog’s Holiday

Who should take care of your pet while you travel?

You’ve booked your trip—but what to do with your four-legged friend? Deciding between a pet sitter or boarding your dog can be difficult, but the first thing to consider is your dog’s temperament. How social is your dog? How active?

Your veterinarian—or dog park friends—can suggest places for boarding or pet sitters. Remember: Both pet sitters and boarding facilities should be fully insured. Here are some things to do before packing:

  • Ask for references.
  • Stop by a boarding facility unannounced and ask for a tour.
  • Meet-and-greet with the pet sitter a few times before you depart.
  • Let your dog experience daycare before long-term boarding.
  • Be upfront about your dog’s personality and quirks.
  • When boarding, ask about webcams and the daily routine.
  • Be sure to meet the individual who will actually be caring for your pets.

Harmony Gallegos, owner of Harmony and Pets in Eden Prairie; harmonyandpets.com