In The Designer, Marius Gabriel Pens a Tale of Post-war Paris

Having arrived in Paris with her husband, Amory, shortly following the city’s liberation during World War II, Copper finds herself aghast at the horrors still raging in the city. At the same time, she is captivated by the people she has become acquainted with, geniuses and eccentrics alike, while sampling its art and fashion circles.

Despite her marriage beginning to disintegrate, Copper snatches a gift opportunity to begin work as a journalist, reporting to American readers on the present state of affairs in Paris and the ways in which the population is beginning to reclaim its pride. One of her new friends is a talented fashion visionary—Christian Dior, who lacks the confidence and temerity to strike out on his own. Readers will find this a sweetly charming and illuminating read.

—Julie Sjoberg
Hennepin County Library, Eden Prairie