Deb Zeller Shows the Beauty of Deer Run

Victoria’s Deb Zeller finds beauty on even the chilliest of days.
Deb Zeller's award-winning "The Walk Along Deer Run 10th Tee Box."

When it comes to snapping a great photo, there’s little that can deter Deb Zeller, a Victoria artist by trade and photographer by hobby. She shot “The Walk Along Deer Run 10th Tee Box with Chevalle in the Background” in the midst of last year’s long winter. “It was a beautiful day, and I was experimenting with my new fisheye lens,” she explains, referencing the curved piece she attaches to her Nikon D7000. It allows Zeller to capture photographs that allow for peripheral views on either side of the central focus.

Zeller trekked onto the closed Deer Run Golf Course in spite of the cold weather and inches of powdery snow and was quite pleased with the result, which shows a new side to the long, chilly season. “Usually people think of winter as cold and harsh and, yes, it is cold, but it also has a lot of beauty. We just have to look at it differently.”

This photo won first place in the City Landmarks category of our annual photo contest.