Chiropractics for Kids in Eden Prairie, Chanhassen & Chaska

Chiropractics in the Southwest Metro can help children, too.
Dr. Olinda aFloro, of Floro Chiropractic in Eden Prairie, examines Isaiah Engesser.

From ear infections and respiratory conditions to colic and bed wetting, local chiropractors offer a whole host of treatments that can ease childhood ailments. “Symptoms are a way for the body to alert us to an underlying cause,” says Dr. Chandra Miller of Chaska Family Chiropractic. Miller explains that she doesn’t treat the symptom, but rather a condition called subluxation, a misalignment of the spine that can put pressure on the nervous system. Resolving subluxations, she says, restores the body back to health and though it’s not a guarantee, improving nerve function often times alleviates pain and other symptoms. “The body has an ability to adapt to stressors, but when they become too much the body wears down and it results in a loss of health or wellness,” she says. She likens regular spinal care to dental checks saying regular adjustments are the best way to prevent and treat problems. Practices offer everything from relief care and maintenance care to wellness care and corrective care, and chiropractors modify treatments to provide care for infants on up. In addition to adjustments and screenings, many chiropractic offices offer complementary treatments including nutrition counseling, acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral work and applied kinesiology. Though almost all chiropractors work on children, some have received extra training to do so by receiving a Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics, an additional 360 hours of training in pediatric care. Dr. Miller, Dr. Jo Becker-Puklich of Live Well Chiropractic Spa & Acupuncture Center and Dr. Olinda Floro, of Floro Chiropractic, offer a glimpse at the most common treatments for infant and childhood symptoms. Adjustments in infants and children, they explain, are very different from those of adults, typically a chiropractor will make gentle adjustments with a little vibration of the index finger or a small tool designed especially for use on infants and children. Ear Infections: Usually begin around 6-months-old and can be related to a subluxation from beginning to sit unassisted and falling backwards. Issues can also arise with the introduction of new foods, which can bring with them inflammation and sensitivities. Subluxation often occurs in the upper cervical region, which can affect the auditory canal. Along with adjustments, most chiropractors will prescribe natural products to decrease fluid in the ears and produce good bacteria in the gut. Colic: In most cases colic, chiropractors say, is actually acid reflux. Something as mundane as extra time in the car seat can compress the middle back and cause a tightening, which can contribute to colic, tightness and acid reflux. Cranial sacral work may provide some relief, as can adjustments, probiotics and infant massage. In addition, most clinics provide nutrition counseling to see if the child has a food sensitivity. Constipation and irritable bowel: Can be the result of a subluxation in the lower lumbar region causing interference with the nerve there. In infants, the baby could also have sensitivity to soy or dairy-based formulas. A probiotic may also be necessary and massage may help ease the symptoms. Bed-wetting: Many times there can be a problem in the third lumbar area and any pinching of the nerve there can lead to bed-wetting. Bed-wetting, chiropractors find, can often be associated with increased ingestion of sugars, as well as emotional triggers. They look for inflammation and a misalignment of the sacrum and/or any trauma to the lower part of the body. Breastfeeding: Failure to latch can be caused by a malfunctioning TMJ joint and/or cranial pressure from delivery. Cranial sacral work on the head and adjustments to the TMJ joint inside the mouth can help. Respiratory issues: A release of a subluxation in the upper thorax can reduce asthma symptoms, chiropractors say. Chiropractors say they’d never suggest a parent come to the chiropractic office in case of a serious asthma attack or a critical breathing issue but outside of attacks, adjustments can help relieve symptoms.