Chaska Teen Living 'the LA Adventure' as Disney Channel Actress

Jenna Davis
Teen actress is pursuing a life in front of the camera.
Jenna Davis

Jenna Davis and her mother left Chaska in September of 2016 to pursue what the 14-year-old calls “the LA adventure.” Jenna sings, dances and acts, and her LA adventure has led to a spot as a regular on the Disney Channel series Raven’s Home and the YouTube series Chicken Girls. She also has a YouTube channel of her own with almost 90,000 subscribers.

Jenna says she’s been singing her entire life. Her mother was a voice a teacher for 20 years before Jenna—who is an only child—was born. The mother-daughter duo sings around the apartment it shares in Los Angeles, and Jenna’s father, who still lives in the family home in Chaska and works during the week in the Twin Cities, flies in to join them on the weekends.

Jenna featured her dad in one of the talk show format videos that she posted on her YouTube channel. In some of the other videos, Jenna answers questions from fans or discusses make-up and fashion, but the real focus of the channel are the music videos she creates covering popular songs by pop stars like Sia and Alessia Cara. “I really enjoy making the videos,” she says. “It’s fun to film and edit…I’m just really interested in making content and connecting with people that way.”

Raven’s Home is Jenna’s biggest project right now. She joined the Disney Channel show in its second year and has done six episodes so far. She also finished shooting a movie that is due to be released this year called Saturday at the Starlight. “I am playing a sassy tween character with a bad attitude and horrible manners. The movie is set in a roller rink one night in the 1990s,” she says. “It has a great cast with veterans like Michael Madsen, Denise Richards and Abigail Breslin [of the Oscar-winning feature film Little Miss Sunshine] but also, actors from the Disney Descendants movies and Nickelodeon stars. I felt so fortunate to be able to work with such a great cast, and I learned so much being on set interacting, watching and acting with them.”

Jenna also hints that there may be some big news just around the corner. “My mom and I are working on a few things,” she says. “We can’t talk about any of it yet, but hopefully very soon.”

In the meantime, she continues to pursue her acting dreams and relishes “the feeling of performing and being on a set, having the opportunity to make a role be great,” Jenna says. The not-so-great part of the life of an actor is getting used to the disappointment of not being cast in a production. “Rejection is something that you have to learn to deal with at a very young age,” she says. “It’s part of being an actor.”

Jenna just started going to school with other kids her age. They aren’t all actors, some of them are talented athletes or musicians, but they all have busy schedules that require a school environment that lets them balance education with their work/practice schedules. She likes it so far, but there are things she misses about Minnesota “Yes, I miss my friends, boating, and even the rainy days—it is always sunny here,” Jenna says.

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