Chaska Bakery 2.0

If ever a buiding had a calling, it’s the former home of the Chaska Bakery.

There are few things in life that can beat the smell of freshly-baked bread—nothing that is, except for the taste of freshly-baked bread.

Part of what makes the Red Bench Bakery an extra special addition to Chaska is its location in the same building that was home to the Chaska Bakery, which closed after 125 years in 2009.

If the old Chaska Bakery building could talk, it would speak of beginning its life with Gotlieb Eder in 1871. To put this into context, this was just six short years after the Civil War ended. Eder delivered bread by way of a horse-drawn wagon. As the need for baked bread increased, competition arrived in the form of Albert Dennin in 1877.  Dennin chose to operate in a building on First Street.  In 1884, Eder responded by constructing his own building, four blocks away on Fifth Street.

In time, Dennin’s bakery closed, but Eder’s survived for over a century, changing hands multiple times.  Some of the more notable owners include the Linne family, who owned the bakery for five decades.  Doug and Mary Elliott took over for another 13 years before selling it to John Blackowowiak in 1985. His son, Dave, took over in 2004 before the bakery closed on April 11, 2009.

—Wendy Petersen Biorn
Executive director, Carver County Historical Society