Chanhassen Photo Contest Winner: Legs of Hope

Sara Reeves' children race to support kids with cancer.

Sara Reeves captured this shot of her children’s legs, which at first glance appear to be covered in random names scrawled in Sharpie. But anyone who’s taken part in a MiracleKids Triathlon will recognize exactly what that body graffiti represents in a heartbeat. The MiracleKids Triathlon is an annual event, which supports the Miracles of Mitch Foundation, an organization that supports children who are battling cancer. Each year, a child who needs treatment is matched with another child triathlete who will run, bike, and swim in honor of the child with cancer. Reeves’ children, Bella and Truman, were matched with cancer-fighters Reana and Joshua. Joey is a family friend who is currently in remission, and both Bella and Truman wanted to run for him as well. The Miracles of Mitch Foundation was created to honor Mitch Chepokas, a student at Chanhassen Elementary who died in April of 2003. The triathlon has grown over the years into one of the most popular summer events for children. With more than 1,700 kids participating at Chanhassen’s Lake Ann and Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis last year, the compassion these kids share for one another is truly inspiring. “For me as a mom, I was really proud that they came up with it on their own,” Reeves says of Bella and Truman’s desire to participate in the Triathlon last year. With one race in the books, the Reeves’ family will be back this year to continue the fight against cancer. This year’s MiracleKids Triathlon is August 17 at Lake Ann Park in Chanhassen. Visit their website to help your kids sign up, fundraise, or volunteer for the event.