Chahassen’s Jackie Coulter designs greeting cards

Chanhassen’s Jackie Coulter designs greeting cards and more.

Like many middle school students, Chanhassen’s Jackie Coulter loved crafting and making things. But five years ago, she decided to revisit that childhood passion and ended up with a business.

Coulter, now 32, designs and makes greeting cards and cake toppers, selling them through her Embellish by Jackie Etsy shop. Whether made of foam, gems, ribbons or buttons, each card has a personality of its own.

“I just always enjoyed receiving mail, especially when I moved away from my friends,” Coulter says. “We always wrote letters and I found it so fun going to the mailbox to find that a letter was there for me.”

Coulter has big plans for the future of Embellish by Jackie, starting with her website. “My next step is to make my website an e-commerce site so people can just purchase my work off of there, instead of Etsy,” Coulter says.

Coulter is also expanding her horizons by designing wedding invitations and banners for parties.


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