Carver County Schools Offers Capstone Courses

District 112 finds an innovative way to prepare students for life after high school.

In an effort to expose high school students to the challenges and rewards of real life situations, the Eastern Carver County School District started the Capstone Program. “Capstone is not a senior project, it’s a chance for kids to experience real-world learning in their areas of interest,” says Arlene Borner, professional development coordinator for Chanhassen and Chaska high schools. Projects are as diverse as students’ activities, ranging from students performing a Disney Opera, a student designing an educational video game and a group of young men working with the city of Chaska to improve the sewer system.Senior Travis Ott designed a math game similar to the game Snake, except Ott’s version teaches improper fractions. “I love playing video games, and I just wanted to know what’s behind them,” Ott says of his project.