Say Cheese!

Serve up an inspired cheese plate with these picks from Byerly's in Chanhassen.

“Cheeeeeese,” swoons Wallace, a Claymation character from the adorably quirky British stop-motion films. I love the hilarious shenanigans of “Wallace & Gromit.” I also share Wallace’s affection for cheese.

I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like. Cheese on crackers. Cheese with fruit. Cheese with wine. Serve cheese, any cheese and I’m happy. But I especially love quality cheeses served this time of year at cocktail parties and holiday celebrations.

If you’re planning such an occasion, Dorothy Neubauer cheese specialist at Byerly’s in Chanhassen offers a variety of scrumptious suggestions to add variety and flair to your holiday cheese plates.

  • Cranberry LeRoule – a French cream cheese with spirals of cranberries; $22.99 per pound
  • Cranberry cheddar from Wisconsin; $16.99 per pound
  • Delice de Bourgogne Brie – a triple cream brie with crème fraiche; $19.99 per pound
  • Old Amsterdam Gouda; $19.99 per pound
  • Humboldt Fog or Truffle Tremor goat cheese from Cyprus Groves; from $22.99 & $29.99 per pound
  • French Pyrenees with green peppercorns; $17.99 per pound
  • Spanish Manchego; from $18.99–$27.99 per pound
  • Madrigal Swiss cheese; $12.99 per pound

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