Rally for Downtown Businesses

A new program through the Southwest Metro Chamber of Commerce aids local businesses.

In an effort to help the downtown business of Chaska and Carver during the closing of Hwy 41 and 101 due to flooding, the SouthWest Metro Chamber of Commerce will offer a “Rally for Downtown Business” program to anyone and everyone that is looking for a way to support these areas.

The program is simple. The Chamber has made up “Rally for Downtown Businesses” Gift Certificates in the amount of $5 each.  These gift certificates can be purchased at the Chamber Office in increments of $5 and given away to employees and/or customers and redeemed at participating businesses that are listed on the back of the certificates.  Certificates can be purchased this week and redeemed through July 30, 2014. The certificates will be treated as cash at the participating businesses and redeemed at face value by the SouthWest Metro Chamber of Commerce.

The downtown businesses in Chaska and Carver have experienced flooding issues before and it is detrimental to their existence.  Depending on when the crest occurs and if there is more rainfall or damage to the roads and bridges once the water recedes, will be the deciding factors on when these roads are reopened.  The businesses in the downtown area have reported that the loss in revenue in the past has exceeded 75% during the closure time.  

If you or your business would like to purchase “Rally for Downtown Business” gift certificates, please contact Lori Anderson at 952.474.3233.