Farm food

Beet salad
Take advantage of seasonal produce with Minnesota's Bounty cookbook.

If I was a better person, I would've written this post about a year ago. But when a copy of "Minnesota's Bounty: The Farmers Market Cookbook" by Beth Dooley landed on my desk last spring (as in 2013), it quickly got buried. (Through no fault of its own, I was 8 months pregnant, chasing after a 17-month-old toddler and preparing for maternity leave—I'm still catching up from the last year...)

The book, written by a local foodie and Minnesota Landscape Arboretum cooking instructor (she appeared on our cover in October 2012), talks about all the delicious food that's available at local farmers markets and includes simple, tasty recipes. While it's a great guide for farmers market shoppers, it's also a wonderful resource for those of you who signed up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share. Last summer, I used the book as a guide to figure out what to do with all the radishes that (literally) landed on my doorstep, and this spring, I looked at the rhubarb section after harvesting a bunch from my backyard.

Today—after getting a small bounty of beets in my first CSA box of the season—I made a fabulous beet salad for lunch, inspired by a recipe in the book. (All you do: Remove and reserve beet greens, roast beets in 350 degree oven until tender, wash, slice and saute beet greens in a little bit of olive oil, top with roasted beets, add candied walnuts and a splash of balsamic vinegar. If I would've had goat cheese, that would've been awesome, too.) 

If you're planning on visiting any local farmers markets this season or you're looking for something to do with the produce (baby bok choy? kohlrabi?) in your CSA box, this is a great place to start.