Bring Professional Theater to your Driveway

The Off-Leash Area theater company is looking for local homes to host a performance.

The Minneapolis-based Off-Leash Area theater company wants to stage its next show in your garage. Each summer/fall the theater hosts a neighborhood garage tour, performing in homes throughout the Twin Cities area with the idea of bring professional, family-friendly theater to the suburbs, and they're looking for locations for 21 performances from August through October. If you're interested, click here for hosting details.

Here's a description of this year's show, Stripe and Spot (Learn to) Get Along, from Off-Leash Area's press release:

"Off-Leash Area’s new Garage Tour production is a humorous and ridiculous parable about human resourcefulness, greed, and, finally, cooperation. Our two characters – Stripe and Spot – are simultaneously shipwrecked on opposite sides of a deserted island. Believing they are the sole inhabitants, they use their resourcefulness to survive and eventually thrive. While building their fiefdoms on a grander and grander scale, they finally meet on top of a mountain, and a ridiculous battle for dominance of the island erupts. After the dust settles, with the island in ruins and all hope lost, they choose to learn to live together and with their combined efforts make the entire island a better place.

Narrated by the Sun and the Moon, and full of Off-Leash Area’s visual creativity, this all-ages production features a rotating stage, all-original choreography and music, vaudevillian dance numbers, and silent film melodrama - all coming to a neighborhood garage near you!"