POSTED Wednesday, May 30

Childhood obesity is much more than a buzz topic for The Säjai Foundation – it’s a call to action. Since 2007, the organization has been bringing its Wise Kids® curriculum to after-school programs, summer camps and other centers nationwide in order to encourage children to become “sage” and to gain wisdom about healthy food choices, active lifestyles and—in this age of sitting on the playground and texting instead of playing a game of kickball—encouraging them to engage in the outdoors and all it has to offer. 

POSTED Thursday, April 12

Want to walk a mile in the shoes of a magazine writer or editor?

POSTED Tuesday, April 3

We're looking for someone with a magic eye, creative mind and a vision that goes beyond the enticing images that grace our magazines and websites. Interested in joining our team at Tiger Oak Media? Check out the job description below and send a resume, cover letter with salary requirements and up to three samples of your creative work to Tamara Prato at by April 17th. No phone calls, please.


Art Director

Tiger Oak Media

POSTED Friday, February 10

When it comes to philanthropies, there aren’t many causes more worthy than feeding a famished population of people. And there may not be a pocket of the world more in need than drought-ridden Somalia, which Antonio Guterres, head of the United Nations Relief Agency, calls home to “the worst humanitarian disaster” in the world.

But what can a person living in the Minnesota suburbs possibly do to put a dent in 12 million starving Somalis, Kenyans, and Ethiopians currently facing the worst drought since the 1950s? It just sounds daunting.

POSTED Tuesday, December 13

You don’t need to be the next Larry Bird to compete in TreeHouse’s second annual Hoopin It Up For Hope free throw tournament series. Even if your shot isn’t on target, the cause is.

TreeHouse, an Edina-based non-profit organization aiming to support and transform at-risk teens, is using this event as an opportunity for people to raise money and awareness for teenagers who are facing difficult times, including issues such as depression, bullying, sexual promiscuity, substance abuse and anger.

POSTED Tuesday, November 15

A group of neighbors in Chanhassen started a dinner club in 1992, and this December they’ll celebrate their 20th season of food and friendship. Read all about the group and find tips for starting your own dinner club in our December issue. Meanwhile, we couldn’t wait to share the dinner club’s recipe for Brie and pear soup, which sounds like a delectable way to begin Thanksgiving dinner.

Brie and Pear Soup

serves 8-10

2 large ripe pears (about 1 pound)

2 cups chicken broth

8 ounces Brie cheese

POSTED Tuesday, August 16

If Chanhassen residents needed national confirmation to back up their hometown pride, they now have it.

According to a panel of CNN Money reporters who researched small towns (population under 50,000) throughout the US and ranked them according to qualities that were most important to the majority of American families, Chanhassen is ranked No. 10. 

POSTED Tuesday, August 9

Do you have dreams of being a magazine editor or writer? There’s no better place to test your writing and creativity than with an editorial internship at a vibrant magazine publishing community.

POSTED Tuesday, July 19

In my book, the ultimate outdoor summer shindig has four main ingredients. I want to try a variety of different food, savor some sips of wine, veg out to some relaxing music, and—this is a big one—do all that in a green, fertile, picturesque landscape. Is that too much to ask for?

Apparently not. Thanks to the Toast & Taste party at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (3765 Arboretum Drive, Chaska), we’ll be able to enjoy all those features on the evening of July 28.

POSTED Monday, June 27

You’ll get more than the satisfaction of your favorite wings when dining at Buffalo Wild Wings on June 29. Contributing to a local cause is also in good taste, especially when it comes to helping tornado victims.

Buffalo Wild Wings recently announced it will donate 10 percent of all non-alcoholic sales on June 29 to The Salvation Army’s Tornado Relief Fund. Over 400 restaurants nation-wide are joining the cause.