POSTED Tuesday, August 5

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POSTED Thursday, June 26

In an effort to help the downtown business of Chaska and Carver during the closing of Hwy 41 and 101 due to flooding, the SouthWest Metro Chamber of Commerce will offer a “Rally for Downtown Business” program to anyone and everyone that is looking for a way to support these areas.

POSTED Wednesday, June 25

A Taste of Minnesota announced earlier today (June 25) that it's moving the St. Paul-based festival to the Carver County Fairgrounds in Waconia. The Taste's planned location on Harriet Island in St. Paul is flooded, forcing organizers to find a new site a week before the festival begins.

POSTED Thursday, June 19

The craft beer craze that hit Minnesota a few years ago finally made its way to the southwest metro about a year ago when Enki Brewing opened its doors in Victoria. Yes, it's already been a full year—I couldn't believe it either.

POSTED Wednesday, June 18
Beet salad

If I was a better person, I would've written this post about a year ago. But when a copy of "Minnesota's Bounty: The Farmers Market Cookbook" by Beth Dooley landed on my desk last spring (as in 2013), it quickly got buried. (Through no fault of its own, I was 8 months pregnant, chasing after a 17-month-old toddler and preparing for maternity leave—I'm still catching up from the last year...)

POSTED Wednesday, May 28

It really is summer: The Waconia wineries are opening this weekend! Well, Sovereign Estate has been open throughout the winter, but they're kicking off the summer in the vineyard with lots of live music this weekend.

POSTED Monday, April 7
Marc Huebner on "America's Best Cook."

There's an art to putting dinner on the table every night. Yet, for most home cooks, an empty plate is the best accolade they can expect. Waconia's Marc Huebner—who regularly cooks for his 16-year-old and 13-year-old daughters, as well as his girlfriend and her two teenage children—was hoping for a little more than empty plates and a satisfied family as he geared up to compete on the Food Network's "America's Best Cook" competition.

POSTED Friday, March 28

High school graduation parties are not a nationwide tradition. When I graduated from high school five years ago, I remember chatting about my party to our family friends in Arizona. I was astounded to learn that their son’s friends did not celebrate the occasion with a large gathering the year before—they hailed from Bloomington so they understood. Money is surely appreciated come graduation. Yet, the most memorable gifts I received were those that didn’t simply come in an envelope, but had a little thought put into them. I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the gesture.

POSTED Wednesday, March 26
Jan Dunlap and Gracie

Chaska's Jan Dunlap has another book coming out in April, but it's not another one of her birder murder mysteries. Her latest book, Saved by Gracie, is a memoir about how her life changed after adopting a black lab mix named Gracie.

POSTED Monday, March 24

It's snowing outside, yet I'm dreaming about ice cream. I could pretend that it's because I'm putting the final touches on the plans for our August issue today, but it's really because I'm kind of always thinking about ice cream. (A few months ago my husband asked if he should turn down the heat when he saw me with a huge bowl of ice cream during one of the more brutal cold snaps.)