Genuine Heartfelt Envy

The multitalented individuals that make it look easy

You know those people who can do twenty different things effortlessly and insist that it’s no big deal? The ones that you want to simultaneously murder, emulate, and exalt? I met one of those people in Waconia: the artist Rhonda Tesch. Okay, there’s no way I’d want to murder her because she was so welcoming and forthcoming about her work, but I certainly wouldn’t mind being like her. I focused on her paintings on repurposed barn wood, but I was equally drawn to all the other things she made: sweet flower pins made out of felted wool from retired sweaters; an intricate baby’s blanket crocheted from unraveled sock scraps (sock scraps! How cool is that); a big plywood snowman with a cut out face for a photo booth. “Mostly I’m a stay at home mom—I do this stuff to have fun,” Tesch says. Coming from someone else that statement would smack of false modesty, but in Tesch’s case the sentiment is clearly genuine. Maybe that’s why the work is so charming: it is honestly an integral part of her life, along with motherhood.


Read more about Rhonda Tesch’s work, creative process and future exhibits in our March issue at In the meantime, swing by the Mocha Monkey and check out her artwork on the walls.