Eat From the Garden

Try a recipe for Apple Pie in a Cup with the children in your life.

Kids in the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s Urban Garden Program enjoyed a summer filled with planting, weeding, composting and harvesting. And of course no garden experience is complete without a little taste-testing. As the groups gear up for fall, they’ve been enjoying a snack in the garden that’s both seasonal and fun: Apple Pie in a Cup. Try it out for yourself, then check out the rest of the Urban Garden Program story in the September issue of Southwest Metro Magazine, available Sept. 1 at

This recipe is perfect for the kids. Whether you have a whole group or just a few, this interactive treat from Kimberly Braun, children’s education instructor at the Arboretum, will be a hit.


Apple Pie in a Cup

For one cup you will need:

2-3 spoon full of vanilla yogurt

a few raisins - 6 or so

1 spoon full of granola

dash of cinnamon

small squeeze of honey

washed apples - the crisper the variety the better

an apple slicer

a cutting board

a cup - I like the 3 oz disposable cups, short enough for little fingers to reach the dip at the bottom of the cup

a spoon



For a large group of kids and little space (one picnic table), we do a moving assembling line where the kids stay sitting and adults walk around the table passing out supplies (due to a lack of space to lay out all the ingredients and also have somewhere to eat.) 

If you have more space, you could have each step be a station that the kids do themselves.  I have had kids do it themselves when I make it at the Arboretum where we have more space.



1. Pass out one cup to each student.

2. The student holds the cup up as adults add ingredients.

3. Start with the yogurt, 2-3 spoon fulls in the cup.

4. Then add a few raisins

5. Add a scoop of granola

6. Add a small dash of cinnamon

7. Pass out one spoon to each student

8. Squeeze a small amount of honey onto the spoon.

9. Kids stir the ingredient together.

10. An adult slices the apples

11. Put 2 slices in the cup

12. Dip and Enjoy!


The kids might want a few more slices of apples to enjoy the rest of their dip or they can use their spoons to eat the rest of the dip.

I encourage the kids to try all the ingredients together, even if they think they don't like one of them. I tell them that when everything is mixed together, they might be surprised by how good everything tastes.  I offer adding less of what they think they don't like. If they are still not interested in trying, I just leave the ingredient out of their cup. 

The recipe is open for many different versions, I have used craisins, pumpkin pie spices, plain yogurt, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. depending on what I had on hand so don't be afraid to alter to suit your tastes and needs. 

--Recipe from Kimberly Braun, Children’s Education Instructor, Field Trips and Summer Garden at the Arboretum