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It’s a dog’s life (and definitely a cat’s life), but that doesn’t mean your favorite four-legged friend couldn’t use an extra dose of fun every now and then. In the June issue of Southwest Metro Magazine, we’ve dug up some great ideas for ways to treat your pet to new experiences: a new indoor dog park, some delicious dog treats made by a special group of Chaska High School students, pet portrait sessions, deluxe boarding facilities and day care (with or without swimming pools).

If your pet could use a little extra TLC, we’ve even found a pet acupuncturist who can help them get that spring back into their step.  And if you’ve ever wanted to read your dog’s mind, a local animal communicator can help – she says there’s much more than “woof, woof, woof” going on inside that furry little head.

Check out our Pet Pampering guide in our June issue of Southwest Metro Magazine, available June 1 at southwestmetromag.com. Until then, we’ll give you a sneak peek at some of the local resources we used:

Pure Spirit

Interlaken Centre

Ruff House

Adogo Pet Hotel

Anytime Dog Parks

Canine Club and Spa

Top Dog Country Club