Horticulture Day: Garden Fever

I've lived in Minnesota my whole life, and I really don't like to complain about winter — I usually try to stoically accept it. But I am so, so done with winter this year. Maybe it's the polar vortex, maybe it's the fact that I'm not just dressing myself for the elements, but I'm also responsible for a two-year-old and six-month-old, which makes even the simplest errand feel like an epic quest. Whatever it is, I am DONE. Read more about Horticulture Day: Garden Fever

Dolce Vita Wine Shop's Valentine Drink Pick

We'll be celebrating Valentine's Day as a family this year. So instead of candle light and wine, there will be take out pizza and milk spills. It's not exactly romantic, but it definitely has its own charm, and if luck is on our side, my husband and I will have our children in bed by 8 p.m., at which point, I'll break out the good chocolate and, perhaps, mix up this delightful drink suggestion from Dan Keyport at Dolce Vita Wine Shop in Chaska. Read more about Dolce Vita Wine Shop's Valentine Drink Pick

Garden Fever

Yes, we're stuck in a polar vortex (does anyone else feel like that's a term that belongs in a comic book?), but I'm pretty certain that's not stopping my fellow gardeners from dreaming of digging in the dirt. If you've been perusing seed catalogs or sketching up raised bed designs or debating on when you should start your seedlings indoors, I'd love to hear from you. Read more about Garden Fever

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