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Yes, we're stuck in a polar vortex (does anyone else feel like that's a term that belongs in a comic book?), but I'm pretty certain that's not stopping my fellow gardeners from dreaming of digging in the dirt.

It seems like just yesterday I was in my senior year of high school, itching to abound on my college adventure. I fondly remember being excited for the next four years of my life, but not wanting an era to end.

Chanhassen's popular Breakfast with Santa attracted plenty of good little girls and boys to the Chanhassen Recreation Center in early December. All photos by Henry Hendricks.

There is a lot more to being an artist than the ability to draw a straight line. In fact, when you speak to fine artist Richard Kochenash, you learn creating art has little to do with straight lines. According to Kochenash, art is about making connections.

Ask any young kids what they dream about growing up, and you will get a variety of answers. Some dream of becoming a doctor, a teacher or an astronaut.

A passion and talent for math has defined Sienna Ramos’ high school career and will probably influence her future. “I was thinking I want to be an electrical engineer,” Ramos says.

The Night Circus
by Erin Morgenstern
recommended by Beth Goodrich
A combination of fantasy, romance and steampunk, this book tells the story of Celia and Marco, two circus magicians who unexpectedly fall in love.

Prep Elite 2012 & 2013

We're looking for outstanding high school students from the class of 2015, who excel in terms of academics, athletics, arts, activities or volunteerism.

The Garden by the Woods' annual Fall Festival in October featured a petting zoo, games and plenty of fun in Chanhassen. All photos by Chris Mosel.