Mary Ostazeski Johnson's Watercolor Portraits

Mary Ostazeski Johnson paints portraits of homes and preserves memories.

In 1970, 16-year-old Mary Ostazeski Johnson’s paintings brought in over $2,000 at her high school’s art auction. “It was all the motivation I needed... [It was] a mini break-through 'star is born' moment,” Ostazeski Johnson says.

Originally painting in all mediums, Ostazeski Johnson moved to watercolors because the oil paint and turpentine started making her dizzy. “The idea to capture an individual's home in a watercolor was a suggestion from a friend who saw how prolific I was,” she remembers.

Since 1977, Ostazeski Johnson’s done more than 8,000 watercolor portraits of homes from her home studio, adding that the home is where art, history and family memories come together.


An original watercolor rendering by Ostazeski Johnson starts at $90 for an 8”x11” portrait. Visit for details.